What is it like to be a professional cleaner. The complexity of the profession

Cleaning business is connected with the problem of staff turnover. The managers of Mango Maids - Calgary Gutter Cleaning company are fighting with this problem for a long time. They have already consulted with many experts in order to find the reason and effective solution to this serious problem that affects not only business performance, but also the reputation of the company. The specialists in the sphere of psychotherapy claim that the problem of enhanced fluctuation of personnel is connected with low attractiveness of the profession of cleaner.

What is more, the researches of a well-know couples counsellor from prominent clinic in Calgary have revealed a horrible statistics. Very often, families where one person is working in the cleaning company, may face the problem of misunderstanding between partners. Unfortunately not everyone perceives the profession of cleaner seriously, thinking that this activity can not bring success and prosperity in life. One partner can blame another person, because of unwillingness to develop him or herself and obtain new knowledge. Many people think that cleaner is a dead-end job. That is why one partner (especially in case he or she takes a respectable post) usually does not accept the choice of a cleaner's profession of another person, considering it a low status occupation. The expert in the field of marriage counseling (find out more about him here) say that such situations may even lead to a divorce.

The managers of Mango Maids - Calgary Gutter Cleaning company are worried with this statistic. We value every member of our team and we want to do our best to ensure they work in a favorable conditions and are aware of the importance of their profession. Many people do not understand the specifics of our work, thinking mistakenly that anyone can easily become an employee of cleaning company. However, it is not quite so. Profession cleaner must posses special knowledge, be able to work with professional cleaning equipment, be aware of all detergents and know how to apply them properly.

It is absolutely unfair to think that work in a cleaning company can not lead to success in life. The main thing is to choose the right company to work in. Mango Maids company is constantly working on employees education and development, attracting professionals from various fields to conduct trainings and seminars for them. We do our best and take all necessary measures to increase the attractiveness of profession of cleaner.

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