How to keep your kitchen clean

Be it Santoku knives or dishes, you need to clean them all when you clean the kitchen! Surely you know that commercially available cleaning solutions are often toxic. A few tricks of the time grandparents can give surprising results. For Microwave cleaning, you can clean it easily, if you place some wet paper towels inside and let it run for about five minutes. The steam will soften the fat tissue and after that you can easily clean it with a cotton cloth. If you wish to remove odours, then put in a bowl half a cup of lemon juice and water bowl placed inside the oven and heat it for three to five minutes. Another way is to fill a bowl with water and add a few tablespoons of vinegar. Do not be afraid! Vinegar smell will linger, but will evaporate in a few minutes. You can also baking soda instead of using vinegar.

You can escape coffee stains quickly if you clean them with salt and lemon. Mix these two ingredients for two minutes and see how the filter will clean the surface immediately. For refrigerator, odours will disappear like magic if you place an envelope behind the grills of which has baking soda and lemon. For cleaning Santoku knives and other dishes you can use dishwasher. To clean a dishwasher's exterior stains, soak a cloth in a solution of water and baking soda and rub gently. If it retains odours inside, put three tablespoons of baking soda in the car and leave them overnight. Smells will be removed the next wash.

To remove mineral deposits from coffee pots, fill the pot with water, add some lemon peel thin and let it boil. Stop the fire and you make your composition effect about an hour. Finally, rinse thoroughly teapot. When it comes to cleaning cutting boards, the wood and plastic absorb odours and bacteria retained. Squeeze a lemon and a bowl of water to soak overnight make cutting boards. By morning, it will get cleaned and disinfected. With antiseptic properties, lemon is a great help in various disinfecting surfaces and air fresheners. Moreover, with its help you can remove grease stains from pots, stove, counter top and even on the floor. All you have to do is sprinkle some salt on the inside of shells squeezed gently to remove surface dirt and then polish them with a towel. A handy solution for cleaning floor is the mixture of water and vinegar. By using this magic formulas, unpolished ceramic floors regains natural appearance. Regarding stone coatings, we recommend you clean them with a solution obtained from a litre of water and two tablespoons of soda. In short, a mixture of water, lemon and baking soda can be used effectively to clean something as small as Santoku knives as well as to clean the complete floor!

Author's bio for the article: Rosalie Potter, the manager of the cleaning company, provides tips on keeping your kitchen clean. Read the full post and check Santoku knives for slicing to equip your kitchen with quality tools.

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