Why the dust is so dangerous for the human health? Which components of dust pose the greatest threat to human health?

In its composition dust can contain toxic particles that may cause allergic reactions in people who are predisposed to it.

Spores and vegetative forms of various microorganisms may also be present in the dust. Such a terrible disease as tuberculosis is an airborne dust infection. Numerous viruses that cause acute respiratory infections, chickenpox, rubella, mumps, etc. Can be found in the dusty premises.

Dust can contain dead human skin cells and other organic substances that serve as food for small arthropods.

Usually the dust composition contains a great number of harmful elements that may cause a great harm to those people, who are engaged in gutter cleaning or premises cleaning. To fight with allergic reactions the person must wear special protective mask during the process of cleaning. Mango Maids - Calgary Gutter Cleaning company provides employees with all the necessary protective devices to eliminate the risks of allergic reactions and development of chronic diseases.

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