Cleaning staff. Occupational diseases

The process of cleaning implies dust removal, washing and polishing of different surfaces, walls, floors, sweeping, gutter cleaning, as well as debris and dirt removal. It is performed in offices, public and commercial buildings, factories and private houses. Sometimes professional cleaners have to work in confined space, with bad ventilation. Difficult working conditions can lead to serious diseases. However, if to know the precautions, it is possible to avoid problems with the health. In Mango Maids - Calgary Gutter Cleaning company we do everything possible to protect our employees from occupational diseases. In order to protect yourself, it is necessary to be aware of all risk factors. That is why Mango Maids CEO has invited the leading specialists in the sphere of medicine to analyze all possible risks and make competent recommendations on how to avoid them effectively.

Different experts have mentioned a variety of risks and provided us with the following information. For example, Dr.Zakhary, head of Rhinoplasty Clinic in Calgary, paid a particular attention to the protection of the respiratory tract from dust. Indeed, during the cleaning process the person have to work in a dusty premises, which is definitely not good for the health. With inhalation dust is deposited on the lung tissues. As a result, the risk of development of chronic respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, emphysema increases greatly. Together with the dust the cleaner inhale various harmful chemicals when using detergents. The expert of Calgary clinic (find more information about the professional) claim that every employee, who is engaged in the process of cleaning must protect respiratory organs with special masks. These measures will eliminate the risk of occupational diseases development.

For the prevention of musculoskeletal diseases and reduction of loads on the cardiovascular system the workloads must be properly smoothed out. Cleaners must be provided with sufficient rest. Working with a vacuum cleaner requires less effort if carpeting is laid correctly. The use of the right cleaning device is a very important factor. For example, sliding brush for dust removal free you from the need to crawl under the table in order to reach a certain place. The use of effective chemicals and convenient tools can reduce the time needed for cleaning.

Find out more about safety rules for workers of cleaning companies.

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